Welcome to our process page. The idea is for our clients to get a sense of how simple and easy we make this process for you.

Every Design starts out by us getting measurements and pictures of the existing vehicle or location in which the Wrap or Sign will be installed in this case a Food truck.

Pictures will be taken of all four sides of the vehicle and or location of where the sign will be going so we may provide a layout on the existing truck and or building.

Within in three days the client will be provided with the first rendering. The artwork based on their specifications wants and needs will be shown until approval and here at new age printing we always get the green light.

Prep and install means we print your design or produce your product and prepare for install. All of our prints if exterior get laminated to protect it from the harsh sun and extend the durability of our vibrant colors. We Pressure clean all vehicles and make sure its ready for vinyl application.

Completion is where we see the fruits of our labor. Another happy client makes our last client our biggest advocate. We love the amount of recommendation and returning clients from our detailed finished work. In completion the client will see the final product that a few days ago was nothing but an Idea.